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There WERE 3 certainties when it came to Forex robots:

1 They all based their decisions on what happened in the past
2 They all used outdated Artificial Intelligence technology
3 They all were prime targets for Forex brokers

ALL these are things of the PAST!

The Forex Megadroid robot has pushed the envelope… this is an industry revolutionizer and the the most talked about robot on the market.

John and Albert explain why Forex MegadDroid has taken away every single barrier between average robots and a GREAT robot here:

First Robot That Sees Into The Immediate Future

—>Artificial Intelligence Break/through

Artificial Intelligence employed in Forex trading is a relatively new advancement and it has done wonders when it comes to robot performance.

But, like with any industry, the boundaries are going to get stretched from time to time… except that this time, they have not only been stretched, they have truly been broken!

Albert and John have managed to create a robot that sees into the immediate future rather than the past… with 95.82% accuracy.

What’s “immediate future”? Well… 2-4 hours from any given point in time.

It is important that you read everything they have to say about this discovery.

You can do so here:

What is VERY important to understand is that up until now, whatever Forex robots have been doing has relied on what happened in the past as the basis for future decisions…

And we all know that the past nevcr provides us very accurate indications of what will happen in the future.

This is truly revolutionary… RCTPA technology will definitely tremble the industry, establish a new record in performance… but, most importantly, will establish a new standard.

Catch me If You Can!

(Us vs Forex Brokers)

Forex brokers are sneaky… we all know about that. ESPECIALLY when it comes to very profitable Forex robots.

If they see you winning too much, they will do all they can to slow down your robot’s performance.

Forex Megadroid is the only robot in the market that has an inbuilt mechanism that prevents brokers from “playing” with it.

In other words… this robot is INVISIBLE to the Forex broker. They simply can’t know you are trading with it and hence CANNOT do anything about its performance.

This by itself has taken robot trading to the next level.

Finally, a solution to one of the main problems traders have been having!

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